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Wood iPhone Wraps

Wood iPhone Wraps

Our real wood adhesive iPhone wraps start as a flat piece of wood and are laser-cut to provide great protection with form fitting designs. Each wrap design is available in a variety of materials and has a unique way it folds to fit on your phone:

Classic - Resembling the shape of the IPhone SE or iPhone 4, our Classic wrap provides much needed grip in a design that provides protection from drops and scrapes.

Smooth - Offering rounded sides and a boxy top to hold on to, our Smooth wrap has an elegant, industrial feel to it that fits great in your pocket or phone dock.

Stealth - Contorting itself to wrap around your phone, our Stealth wrap is the most form-fitting of our wraps. Laser-etched in all the right places, our Stealth wrap will cover your phone with ease.

Sleek - The original 1-piece iPhone wrap, our Sleek design is a tried and true way to protect your phone. With rounded edges top and bottom, our Sleek wrap provides robust protection with plenty of grip.

Our Smooth, Stealth & Sleek designs are patent-pending and provide unique style and protection unavailable anywhere else.